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Operations Management

  • Developing, Installing and Manualising Operational Systems in manufacturing and sales / marketing areas.

  • Designing and operationalising Management Information Systems --- either manual or computerised for various operational areas of activity.

  • Carrying out Plant Practices Audit, to map existing operating procedures in a manufacturing set-up with aview to identifying bottlenecks and restrictive practices that hinder smooth operations and/or cause leakageand wastage.

  • Implementing World Class Manufacturing Practices like KAIZEN, JIT, SMED, 5S and TPM.

  • Reviewing existing Materials Management practices and making recommendations for better &tighter inventory control to a) aid smooth and uninterrupted production and b) reduce inventory levelsto the minm possible.

  • Designing and installing appropriate Production Planning and Control Systems, eithermanual or computerised, based on the nature of the industry / activity and its specific peculiarities.

  • Developing “Monitoring & Feedback” Systems for the manufacturing & sales/marketing inter-facewhich is often an area of conflict, confusion & concern.

  • Carrying out AUDITS for the Sales/Marketing functions to assess and determine “to what extent”the organisation’s policies in this area are being actually followed and, as a consequence, develop feedbacksystems for proper monitoring & control.

  • Carrying out “ Customer Feedback Audits” to get an unbiased view of the “customers’ perceptions”about the organisation and develop a “responsive action plan” to meet and surpass customer expectations.

Human Resources Development

  • Reviewing existing Organisation Structure, in the context of “Current & Future Organisational Goals”and recommending appropriate changes.

  • Carrying out “Personnel Inventory” exercises, to determine gaps, if any, vis-à-vis (1) above, &recommending suitable manpower development / recruitment action.

  • Carrying out Organisation Climate Survey with a view to ascertaining the feelings / opinions of employeeson the company’s style of functioning and the problems / issues that are agitating the minds of the employees.

  • Designing and Developing Personnel Policy Manuals.

  • Designing and Developing Recruitment Practices & Procedures.

  • Designing and Developing Compensation Structures.

  • Designing, Developing & Operationalising a comprehensive Induction & Career Development Programmefor Management Trainees.

  • Designing, Developing & Running specially designed Communication Programmes for Workmen toestablish credible channels of communication between management & workmen for exchanging information& ideas on work - related matters.

  • Developing & Installing Result - oriented Performance Appraisal Systems

  • Personnel Selection & Recruitment.