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We at mps have a firm belief that a planned and integrated training input is an essential pre - requisite if not, guarantor, of organisational effectiveness.Training carried out, as the outcome of a proper Training needs assessment can be the only foundation for getting tangible gains for the individual and the organisation from this activity.

Further, the training planned should be part of an organic whole with each subsequent programme linked and logically following from the previous exposure instead of being merely a one - off exercise to fulfil the budgetary numbers of achieving “so many hours of training” per employee.

It is, of course, a well - known and widely accepted axiom of corporate prudence that whenever there is a resource crunch or recession the first cut is applied to painting, advertising & training i.e. to all maintenance activities, be it maintenance of physical assets viz. buildings or plant & machinery (painting!) or maintenance of market share (advertising) or maintenance of human assets viz., employees(training!). At such times, it is good to remember that if training your employees is costly, not training them is costlier.

We work to develop three competencies amongst the participants Functional Competence Managerial Reflexes and based on these two foundations, which anchor the base of the “training triangle” sketched below, we assist in building up

Most of our programmes are workshop oriented and encourage the participants to think through what they can implement in their workplace, from the learning imbibed at the programme. For this effort of the participant to bear fruit, " it is incumbent upon the nominating organisations to not merely invite the participant to share “what he / she learnt at the programme” but to consciously encourage him / her to try and implement whatever is relevant and feasible.

Very often, we find that the enthusiasm of the participant is given the “cold shoulder” on return to work, where the inevitable comment is “good idea, but let us first finish the work at hand before you try something new.” The participant soon gets the message that work is one thing while training is some kind of extra-curricular activity which can be indulged in, only if time permits. This is a sure recipe for ensuring that the learning from any programme never gets translated into tangible results at the workplace. Therefore, while both the trainer and the participants have a major responsibility for ensuring that learning takes place in a programme, it is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that such learning is translated into useful action permitting and encouraging the participants to try out their newly acquired knowledge.

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